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Story - Main Lore

on Fri Nov 03, 2017 11:27 pm


The main scenarios usually take place a year after infection spread (sometimes we rp eg. 2 years into apocalypse or even the very day of the outbreak). Location - takes place around Eastern Coast of USA, usually South parts. Often it’s middle of the Autumn but location and time of the year tends to change due to particular scenario and plot development.

The world still looks similar like before the outbreak, not ruined but desolated, neglected and death ridden. The supplies are still possible to find but are often wiped out from most common places. Stray zombies just like whole hordes are stuck in some places or migrate.

Remains of human population fights for survival. Some people travel alone or in groups. Some set settlements or at least safe-houses. Raiders take over some lands, remains of military forces try to save people and eliminate threats.

The rps can be spontaneous, initiated by anyone or can be one of our main scenarios, where plot is usually stirred by one of the admins. Either can be set in the Main Lore or one of the AUs.
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