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NEW Chat Rules

on Wed Nov 08, 2017 5:18 pm
Ramirez note: I tend to be a blunt, sincere guy. So rule zero would be - guys, don’t take my words too personally. Those are more advices or requests than anything else. I respect you all and I only “bitch” about certain things to keep this chatroom both fun and realistic. It’s all in good will.


1) The most important rule - NO BAD VIBES in the Main Chatroom. You got something to share that might bring them? Post in Sharing Room instead. Also avoid any possibly triggering content during chatter/OOC RP. Use Trigger Warnings whenever you do it during real RP.

2) You do not argue with admins. You trust their judgement. But if you really have a problem with something you can ask them to come with you to Sharing Room. Admins are busy people so please keep in mind they might decline and then you have to live with it and believe they act for the sake of the chatroom.

3) You got a problem with other chatroom member? Don’t confront them - ask admin to come to Sharing Room and present your problem. They will handle it.

4) Somebody breaks the rules? Let admin react or ask them to do it. Once admin has taken action, he’s the one to make decisions and talk with the person in question.

5) Advertising other chatrooms etc. is prohibited unless allowed by the head admin - if you ask he might even advertize your thing in Announcements and on the Forum.

6) Sharing the chatroom’s link without the greenlight from one of the admins is forbidden.

7) Stalking, harassing, trolling, spamming (eg sending few short messages one after another) etc. will get you a warning before you’ll be asked/forced to leave.

8 ) If you are banned you can always come back if you change your attitude and ask head admin for a second chance in the Sharing Room.

Not respecting any of the rules after warning/s will get you kicked out or silenced or banned.


1) Your character needs to be believable. Actions and reactions or even their thoughts should be realistic. Stick to basic science, logic and common sense.

2) Warning: Any kind of violence and sex that is realistic is allowed but anything that might trigger your roleplay partner/s should have a TRIGGER WARNING. Details of any scene that others don’t want to read about that is connected to sex is to be moved to the Sex Room.

3) Some people write literate, some script. Some have dyslexia, others take a quarter to type out their detailed, long-ass posts. You have a problem with that? Tell admin. No hate in the chatroom.
PS. Yeah, yeah I know head admin can be an asshole too at times.

4) Zombies are all slow, shambling, rotting corpses. With time their body structure weapons and they are prone to be more fragile than the fresh counterparts. Every zombie is created by either a bite (Bite>Fever>Death>Reanimation) or simple reanimation after death (Death>Reanimation). Re-animation might happen within 30-minutes to 1 hour upon death.

5) When leaving for more than few minutes during active RP keep in mind to leave a “BRB” or at “AFK for …. Minutes”.

6) You’re gone from the chatroom for too long? Your Bio will be grayed out before removed from Bios doc.

7) If you have no idea what your character should carry as a firearm/weapon etc, please ask for help in the chatroom. We will gladly help.

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