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Welcome from your Hawt Head Admin Ramirez

on Thu Nov 16, 2017 2:15 pm
Hello my lil zombies! Here's your friendly head admin RAMIREZ!

I want to Welcome you all to our FIRST Cool and Realistic Zombie Apocalypse Roleplay FORUM!

Thanks to Mark we can slowly develop this place and switch from google docs to using the FORUM.

Go ahead and add EVENTS! Your special dates to the CALENDAR! Any kind of ART to the GALLERY!

Want to help with expanding the Main Lore and AUs? Go ahead and post new AUs or new Starters/Settings/Scenarios to the right folders!

You part of old crew? Or a newcomer? Go ahead and shortly INTRODUCE yourself! The RPer or character - whatever you like.

Me? I'm your local gunsexual who's hyped on action and providing you with some cool scenarios and plot twists! Daily just admining in the Chatroom. Got questions? Need help? Go ahead and message me.
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