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Elysium AU

on Thu Nov 16, 2017 6:40 pm
Elysium AU


The overpopulated, poverty ridden Earth is the place where most people struggle to survive. It’s even harder to love your life when looking at the sky you don’t see just sun or moon or stars. There’s the ring hanged in Earth’s orbit called Elysium where all the wealthy and lucky people get to actually /enjoy/ life.

Are you one of the poor bastard on Earth?

Maybe even part of the government and military structures that try to keep order in the world that’s step away from chaos? Or would you rather become a rebel and join one of the groups that steal from the government, cheat the system, smuggle people to Elysium - all that for profit or for “higher cause”? Or are you a typical criminal that does anything to survive?

If the tough life is not your way maybe you’re one of the privileged on Elysium instead?

Maybe managing the whole system as one of the authorities or government representatives? Or maybe just working for them as scientist or computer programmer? Maybe you’re the person who makes robots that help to keep order and “protect” people on Earth from dreaming of better life? Or maybe you’re just your regular housewife/businessman who will panic once smugglers drop a group of filthy Earthlings right into the middle of your paradise?

Chose your life! But you can never chose your fate...


1) Two worlds, one is overpopulated, poor Earth. The other rich, perfect heaven on the orbit station called Elysium.
2) On Earth the people are controlled to work and live “in line” by specialized robots and human enforcers. They are given only basic (or not even enough) supplies to survive for the hard work they do, only to live in “favela” like places or simple “trailer/tents parks”, in heat (since due to global warming it’s always hot/warm on Earth now) and with basic health care that we know now.
3) On Elysium people live in peace and are supplied with anything they need and want. Medical care is the type where everybody has a tube-machine in their house which when you lock yourself inside it heals you from anything, eg cancer. They also have highly developed prosthetic/artificial skin and flesh replacements etc.
4) Both worlds have strict laws forbidding guns etc. unless you’re authorized.
5) Both worlds have enforcer and service robots and human enforcers/guards, drones.
6) Elysium has close to zero crime level and anybody who commits some semi-serious to serious crime is sent to Earth.
7) There is high crime level and illegal activities on Earth. Criminal cartels, regular criminals and also what Elysium calls a terrorist organization - rebellion - who fights to make Earth
8 ) Elysium people live equal lives.



1) Elysium people include:

-Higher business powers (Controlling of Earth)
-Higher gov powers (ex. president or whatever power)
-Military/guards (drone and space ship operators, exo-skeleton guards, robot/computer programmers etc)

-Generally richer people
-People chosen (forced) to work on Elysium
-“Perfect” Children (Possibly “smarter” ones)
-Higher power jobs (Scientist, etc.)

2) Earth Roles Include:

-Military/guards sent down to “protect” Earth
-Thieves/smugglers/pirates (ship people illegally to Elysium, steal cargo send from/to Elysium, kidnap people etc) [one of the main pirate cartels lead by RAMIREZ]
-“Un-perfect” Children (Ex. Lack anything that isn’t to Elysium's standards)
-Lower Government powers (Ex. In charge of stopping chaos/crime)
-People that lived in Elysium, but became banned.
-Terrorists = Rebellion [lead by RAMIREZ]


Link to Factions

WEAPONS: [still WIP]

Link to Weapons Doc


[coming soon]


Link to Vehicles Doc


Add your (new or old but adjusted) character here: Link to Elysium AU Bios doc
Miguel “Chancho” Vasquez

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