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Japanese AU.

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The whole outbreak was sudden, unexpected as in every other country. The japanese community has felt the sudden surge of power and the destroyed peace and stability. When the undead started rising all of that started to crumble into ash, but like a phoenix. Japan has endured and pushed through for a better tomorrow. Skip 4 years into the future, the year is 2021 and a lot has happened since then.

The first official safe haven was Ginoza in the first years, then a government was established before all was put more or less back together. Ginoza became the mother city of all the towns scattered all over Japan, therefore becoming the capital and the centre of attention. Inside the civilization thrived, and outside? Most of the land was colonized once more, taken from the rotten fingers of the undead creatures. The technology hit it big time with the lack of moral standards of the corporations and some other important factors, but not everything was pretty on the inside.

Inside of Ginoza was a lack of proper organization, and the human standards of dignity didn't brush off in all of the corners. The town was known to be split between the ghetto side and the “official” side, due to the black and white nature of both city sides. The criminal activity was high, through the roof for the japanese pre-outbreak standards. People were dealing in drugs and importing guns en masse, taking advantage of the lacking weapon laws and the nearly nonexistent import/export policies of the government on small arms. The police itself wasn’t that good either with the lack of privacy of the Japanese residents, with the 24/7 surveillance of citizens for the sight of infection by the AI controlled drones, public cameras and patrols from the patrol robots, which was very lacking outside of the “official” side (ghettos). The people who had it the worst were the ones in deals with the corporations, taking no side other than their own in their own shady schemes.   

On the outside, on the other hand, was a whole another world. The post-apocalypse teared through people’s minds, laws became nothing more but mere words on paper that held no meaning or authority. Anything outside of Ginoza’s island is officially called “unsafe” for a common citizen, but there are brave men and women who travel outside in search of money, fame or simple thrill of adventure.

Official organizations

( )

  • The pacific government - Official government .

  • Japanese special police task force “STINGER” - Law enforcement and criminal investigation.

  • HAZMAT-BMAI - Removal of hazardous materials and active seeking of biohazard material.

  • Japanese Defence Force - Current army.

  • Tokugawa heavy industries - Corporation specializing in heavy machinery.

  • Seburo Advanced Weapon systems - Corporation specializing in smart munitions

Official factions 
( )

Factions exist around Japan, some of them known and legally recognized, and some unofficial and less known. Official factions have their own benefits system from helping out the government in various cases, although they aren’t tied into the government itself. These are the various factions legally operating on the Japanese territory as independent contractors.

  • Red Shogun

  • Gunslinger(s)

  • Cybernetic offices

  • Monks (of the three-path way)

Unofficial Factions
( )

  • Johns

  • The syndicate

  • SkullRaiders


(Seek your help here.)

Intro: As everybody knows, Japan is my own little playground and I can’t always put everything into words. If there are some inconsistencies or problems with comprehension of my writing, feel free to ask away. I will possibly be adding more “guidebook pieces” as time goes, depending on the circumstances.

Ways to enter Japan (As an out-of-japan character [ie. American])

  • Use a boat and travel here

  • Use a plane to enter here
  • Live there all your life, but you just stumble upon a life changing opportunity..
  • Be a transfer from another organized government
  • Be one of the (or a child) of the original founders of the Pacific Government
  • Come here from another country to investigate the rumours of safe and prosperity

Rules/facts for the play

Roles you can take


Weapons for law enforcement:

Weapons for criminals/poor people:

Summary of the plot

PLACES OF INTEREST (Pics for imagination.)

Ginoza (main city, safe zone)

Japanese jungle. (red zones)

Ruined Tokyo (Flooded. Red zone.)
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