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Elysium Update

on Mon Jan 29, 2018 5:00 pm

ELYSIUM AU became so developed and has three main sub plots except for main plot that I decided to make a doc where I will summarize all that happened so far. This will be this doc:

BUT I'm not going to do this alone. Each of you got a role in Elysium and each of you is going to make a short summary of what happened to your character. It can even be a list of events/progress.

There is /certain/ writers freedom in this so you can make some shit up as long as it's generally matching what happened and doesn't twist the fact concerning other rpers' characters.

I will be reminding you of this and I will write few samples, so at the moment I am only signalling you.

I want all ELYSIUM AU rpers to be able to look at the doc and see what happened when they were not around. AND that will also enable those who want to JOIN ELYSIUM AU to see what happened and just imagine they were part of it from the start.

Thanks to that the "ending of the main plot" that we're getting closer and closer to, will have greater impact with all the action and drama on all of us, not just those who got to rp in the AU the longest.

NEXT WEEKEND we will RP ELYSIUM AGAIN (small time rps/scenes like "one on one scenes" can happen off Main Plot rp but should be summarized to others or at least mentioned as a point on your events list).

UNTIL THEN I hope I'll be able to prepare that doc at least partially and then I will again remind you all to start sending me your parts of it.


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