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Benefits of writing

Today at 1:42 am
      On the past week I came across with a subject related to the importance of writing and how it develops your brain, so I thought on sharing this with you. Keep in mind the information I gathered was from posts, articles and videos, none of this it was made up by me and all of the links will be added below. I hope that throughout this post most of you can relate with what's being said and maybe even identify what part you can progress more, that has more potential to be developed. By the way, have you checked the playlist on the top right corner of the page? You can listen some music while reading it ((send us the soundtrack you would like to see there)). Without further due…

      For starters, writing has practically no impacts on the physical level. Yes, it helps you typing/writing faster through muscle memory, though the main changes are visible at psychological and emotional well being. So these mental impacts can be cathegorized in three main groups: happiness, communication and learning.

      Unlike any science or math where the laws are abide by the same basic principal of cause-effect, the writers work is a constant demand on finding new appealing content. A mental exercise that requires the author to have some discipline on searching for new sources of inspiration. Reading books, listening to podcasts, watching videos are all ways of learning new subjects that bring perspective as well as insight, that places you in the stance of a learner. Simply being a curator of good ideas encourages deeper thinking, research, in order to find unique takes on topics that matter to you. Committing to creating a volume of work also allows you to tackle big ideas more effectively. Remember that by presenting your own aproaches and interpretations of the same subject it will influence the reader’s knowledge on those topics. Writing around a certain subject for some time will allow you and others to build off of older thoughts, utilizing what you’ve already written to develop ideas. On a grander scale a couple of paragraphs could lead to an essay, that consequently leads to a series of articles, that leads to a book.

      Now, the aproach a writer has on sharing this type of information it's what will grasp or withdraw the reader’s interest. Laziness with words creates difficulty in describing feelings, sharing experiences and communicating. Being able to flesh out thoughts in your mind only to have them come stumbling out when you speak can be frustrating for you and those who read it. Luckily it is possible to improve yourself on this aspect with the correct amount of training and discipline. Some of the tips I found for having a better communication are getting rid of unecessary words, avoiding passive voice and using parallel construction (using the same pattern of words to show that two or more words or ideas are of equal importance). The use of sophisticated words and expressions to describe what you have in mind will help you building a structure that will allow you to express yourself better and communicate complex ideas in a much more effective way. However it is preferable to keep it simple. The simpler your writing is the more readable your content will be. Though, in the end it all comes down to what type of people are listening to you and what kind of aproach you see more fit to it. Now, for foreign writters or those whose mother tongue isn’t english, it is recommended to read more english speaking authors. You can also invest on improving your grammar through study or classes, as most of the time people won’t correct you on that aspect (yet they will notice it). This might come handy if, for example, you intend studying abroad or applying for a job on another country. After all most of the best companies want their employees to take a mandatory grammar test when applying for a certain position. Whether or not these are your objectives it sure can feel like a waste of time when compared with reading and writting, that are more intuitive with practice, so it’s up to you. Most importantly, there will be a point where writing in the foreign language becomes an habit and you’ll know you’re on the right track.

      Well, we’ve covered two out of the three main impacts, which leaves us our last point: happiness. On this next topic we’ll be focusing more on the “expressive writing”. It is no secret that it becomes easier to organize what you think and how you feel into words when writing. It helps you overcoming hard times by eliminating the stress that causes you having many things hitting your head. Even though I personally do not use or even like the Sharing Room, I have to agree that writting down what you have in mind from time to time, what you expect to achieve and how you feel according to certain things around you, will allow you, with/without others help, to realize your own goals and to have a firmer grasp of reality (without going to a psychologist or taking any pills). Writing and developing your own ideas produces an amplified effect since not only you take them out of your mind but it also creates this whole process of rationalization that otherwise would abstractly stay in there. Also you know well that developing long literate texts and having positive feedback from doing so gives a warming sensation of acomplishment, rewarding you for being ambitious. A particular characteristic of online chats it’s the social interaction, when having chat conversations or projecting yourself into a character during a roleplay and by interacting with other characters you are able to open yourself, develop your communication, learn, all of this over the safety of anonymity, fulfilling this way lots of the human social needs, which results in an even greater sense of acomplishment. Adding to all of this, the sexual roleplay only serves as an extenction of these interactions.

      That's all to it. On a more personal note, I don't have much to add honestly. To me reading and roleplaying have a similar relation as movies and video-games. In one you get to assist the story while in the other you partake it. I also like how the chat takes it to a more professional level... plots organized, rooms for all sort of activities, you can even choose between one liner or literate roleplay and people will just play with you, the themes and ideas you want to share are heard, everything where it should be. And as everything, if it is well done you'll have a good time with it.

     I'll finish this with a small clip of professor and psychologist Jordan Peterson aproach to the subject. Hope it was useful


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